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Traffic Rich Matured Domains

Pay as little as $4 per 1,000 unique targeted SEO visits with our traffic rich domains!

Domain Maturing Purchase Program

Tired of bogus traffic that doesn't convert?

Real visitors from search engines have a visit to sale ratio of 1 in 12, meaning for every 12 visitors to your website you should receive a sale, lead, or inquiry about your product or service. Matured domain traffic can provide you with solid scalable results at affordable prices for all your Internet marketing needs. For a very small startup cost you can build an ongoing supply of top quality traffic to your website for years to come.

Why Purchase Mature Domains?

  • Low Cost Per Visitor
  • High Conversion To Sales, Leads, and Contacts
  • Steady traffic over a 12-month period with low renewal rates
  • Scalable traffic solution for growing your enterprise
  • Easy to track, manage, and analysis visitors.

For clients with advertising budgets starting at +$1000 per month we offer our domain maturing service.  If your seeking targeted search engine traffic then we offer a pay-per-performance program that ensures you build quality traffic at an affordable price. 


How It Works
With a short consulting period we determine a set of suitable domains that we then place on our network for a period of 45-days.  During this period each domain is given targeted content that we provide that is suitable to your business and will attract highly targeted consumers to its landing pages.  These consumers are designed to be high conversion for your specific industry and will convert to sales and leads.  After the 45-day maturing period we measure the organic search engine traffic to the set of domains and present to you its results.  If the results are within our discussed guidelines and goals then all future traffic to the set of domains will be forwarded to your business for the life of the domain.

Cost of Aged Domains
Each industry has its own cost per domain but we can use this as an example. 

Type of Website:  Gold & Coin Trading & Buying Website
Estimated Traffic:  550 Visitors Monthly / 6600 Visitors Annually
Domain Name Cost:  $47.00
Cost Per Visitor:  $0.007 or 71 cents per 100 visitors
Average Conversion Rate:  1 in 42  (specific industry average)
Average Cost of Lead or Contact:  $0.29

We offer a true Pay-Per-Performance program that can and will deliver to your business solid results. For more information and to see if you qualify for our services feel free to contact us directly.

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Can I Buy Just One Domain?

We have a minimum order of at least +$1000 and only take on select companies as clients.

Do I Have To Prepay For The Domains?

No, upon approval we purchase the domain names on your behalf with no money out of your pocket at the time.

Will the domains continue to have traffic in the future?

Yes, we use a unique redirection process to funnel the visitors to your business for years to come.

Will this work with any industry?

No, we only take on clients within specific industries that are suitable for Internet marketing.